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Tuna Fishcakes

Today’s recipe comes from the

Cuddington Community’s Cook Book

This is a beautiful little cook book with recipes from parents, pupils (old and new), family, staff and friends.

Tuna Fishcakes

Tin of Tuna
Tin of sweetcorn
Mashed potatoes
Grated cheese
Beaten egg

Beat the egg and set aside. Flake the tuna into a bowl. Add mashed potato, sweetcorn and grated cheese. Mix together with your hands and pat into small flat cakes. Dip into the egg mixture; roll in the breadcrumbs and lightly fry or grill each side until browned.

“Quick and easy to do!!”                                                                        

A favourite recipe of Amber Pierson, Year 1

I tried this recipe last week and even though I only realised at the last-minute that I didn’t have any breadcrumbs- It was still a hit!

As you can see, my daughter wouldn’t even let me take a proper photo she was so keen to get stuck in!