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Love and Peppermint Slices

It’s the weekend! Time to treat yourself with these two lovely recipes from

Tetherdown Family Cook Book

Chocolate Peppermint Slices

Wendy Meteyard-Winful (Granny Tait)

2 1/2 oz butter
1 1/2 oz crushed corn flakes or rice krispies
1 oz brown sugar
2 oz self-raising flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 dsp cocoa powder
pinch salt
6 oz icing sugar
few drops peppermint essence
4 tsp water
green food colouring
4 oz plain chocolate

Melt butter i saucepan. Stir in the other ingredients. Press into a 7″ square tin. Bake for 20 minutes at Gas Mark 3. Meanwhile, make the icing, by mixing the icing ingredients together and colour as strongly as you like! Pour the icing onto the base while it is still warm. Cool till the icing sets. Melt the chocolate and pour over the top of the icing, tipping tin until evenly covered. Leave for the chocolate to harden. Cut into 9 squares.

Another of my Granny’s recipe, I made this for Francesca and Anya, but Anya hated the peppermint taste (Francesca and i loved it!) Next time, I’ll try it with orange oil, which i think she’ll love...

Now to get your lips around this tastie treat…

Love Cake

Helen Hodge

4 oz kisses
2 oz love
4 sweet lips, pressed well together
1/2 oz teasing
1/2 oz squeezing

Bake well together in a young man’s arms!

This was written in my grandmother’s recipe book by her sister in the 1920’s